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Yogathon 9/19

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

We are so excited for the upcoming Yogathon at Gillette Stadium on Sept 19.  The event is being held from 9-5 and will be a day of Yoga, Chanting, Kirtan and being with others as we raise money for two great causes.  Children’s Hospital of Boston and Yoga for Single Moms.

Our team is small, mighty AND recruiting!

Would you like to be part of team Yoga on the Beach? You can participate in one of 4 ways.

1.  Join us on the 19th by pledging $250.00 and you get a team tshirt for free.

2.  Donate money to the event.  Click on the link above and donate as one of the team members.  Any donation of $100.00 or more will also get you a team tshirt free.

3.  Buy a tshirt, and all of the profits will go towards the event!

4.  Think of us on Sept 19th as we move and groove through 8 hours of practice in service for others.


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YOTB Needs Your Help

Friday, July 30th, 2010

We are looking for help!  We are inspired this summer and would love to inspire you help make a difference.

First off, starting Sunday August 1 we are doing a one week Keep it Green challenge.  We ask you to make a statement, and one change (or more) in your life that make your footprint on the Earth smaller.   You can post it on the blog by simple replying to this post, or fill out a challenge card at class.

So far we have:

Lisa E using stainless steel water bottle only and wrap n mat for sandwiches.

Shannon O shopping locally and recycling

Christa using my recycle grocery bags EVERYTIME for the next year.

Brendan recycling

Nancy biking to class- day one was awesome!

Jenn F is keeping the air set at 78 during the day and closing the blinds to guard against the afternoon sun.

Susan M will not be using paper towels.

Carol D will walk or ride her bike to class, and bring her reusable water bottle

Ann C will not be eating meat

Linda B buying a recycle bin for the family business – forever green.

What will you do?  Be inspired by others!

Secondly, we are participating in the Yogathon for Childrens Hospital at Gillette Stadium on Sept 19.  We need team members!  You can come join us that day, by signing up and commit to raising $250.00 or more.  OR you can donate money supporting the team.  Click on this link, and join team Yoga on the Beach today.  Each team member who raises $250 or more will get a Team Yoga on the Beach t-shirt.  No donation is too small to make a difference!  If you’d like to donate at class just let us know.  You can be anywhere, Key West, Venezuela, California and be part of this event!

We appreciate your support and thank you!  Live beyond, even your imagination!

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