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Alternative Sun Salutation

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

yoga party 09 012With the up coming Global Mala project I was inspired by some students to come up with a version of sun salutation that does not incur stress on the wrists and shoulders. So here it is, a version of sun salutation that opens up the possibility for more of you to participate, and enjoy the practice.

We hope to see you on Sept 19th at 8:00 am, as we share this special day and raise funds and consciousness for Peace. Remember if you can’t make it that day, you can still share in the practice. Start doing a few sun salutations a day, track them on your own, and when you get to 108 celebrate with us! If you’d like to donate with us to the Carter Center for Peace contact Nancy at nancy@yogaonbeach.com.
Namaste and happy salutations!

Nancy’s Alternative Sun Salutation:
Begin in Mountain
Inhale arms over head (backbend if appropriate) mountain
Exhale forward bend
Inhale step back with right foot into high lunge
Exhale lift torso into jack knife arms extended (head and shoulders at hip height)
Inhale into Warrior I
Exhale step forward into Mountain
Inhale Warrior I with right foot forward, left foot back
Exhale step left foot forward into forward bend
Inhale Mountain arms overhead (backbend if appropriate)
Exhale Mountain hands at heart center.

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Shifting Perspectives

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Gretchen and Nancy playing in downdog

Gretchen and Nancy playing in downdog

From mountain pose to headstand, twists and down dog, one of the many gifts yoga offers us is a different point of view, literally and figuratively. With all of the variations of positions, we have an opportunity to see life from another perspective. Take a moment to open your eyes and have a look around next time you are upsidedown. Explore! What do you see?

Sometimes we may be so caught up in listening and thinking our way in and out of a pose that we don’t take the time to explore where we are. When you arrive into the pose, take a few breaths and look around. How does life look from here, from now? What do you see?

The physical flexibility we explore in yoga is only the beginning of the experience. Taking a breath we begin to feel another dimension of flexibility of our spirit. What seemed impossible a moment ago begins to feel reachable. A weight lifts, and a possibility presents itself.

In the next breath you can explore the flexibility of your mind. What you believe right now may be shifting as it ‘sees’ another perspective. Take one more breath and see if the limitations you are feeling, thinking, and/or believing have room to shift.

Enjoy the view from down dog as the world is turned upside down. Pause and have a look around. This is another perspective on the world you know. What is there to learn from this view? What do you feel?

Oh the places you will go when you allow flexibility to open the way in your body, your mind, your spirit and your heart. Limitless!

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