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Balance ~ Unity

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Sunday was our first Yoga Unplugged workshop. I always love teaching these intimate classes, where I can offer more one-on-one assistance, and insight into Yoga. The theme of this class was Balance and Unity, finding wholeness in all aspects of living. We began with meditation that brought us connected inward, than we explored a variety of postures that challenged us to find balance.  For some the physical elements of the class were the challenge, while for some the mental game of over-working the pose would knock them out of alignment. 

As I watched everyone it was amazing to see the transformation from “achievers” trying hard and tiring too quickly, to open-eyed explorers taking each step into and out of the poses with great awareness.  Grace began to show itself on the platform which always brings out deep emotions in me.  When a student found themselves in a new space there was a sense of joy that rippled through the group.  First time in a pose like Crow can be exhilarating!

The group then moved to our home; where we had a light break-fast, and then sat down to explore Unity and Balance from a more intellectual and lifestyle perspective.  I offered the space to breakdown, look at, and then reprioritize all of the elements of LIFE for each of them.  Bringing balance into our lives often brings us to recognize priorities and values that push us off kilter.  Sunday morning was a time to reassess, and proclaim a new direction.

Our next Yoga Unplugged is August 9th with the theme of  Backbends/Opening.  The format will be similar, with the asana class kicking things off for about 2 hours, and then a discussion of Opening (yes we will discuss, Heart/Mind/Body/Spirit) at our home.  Class is limited to ten students to maintain the intimidate setting of the program.  I am looking forward to sharing the thrill of backbends and the liberation of an open spirit with you.

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