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New Seabury Greening Up

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Recycle                Reuse          Renew                  Reduce

One of my passions on this planet is awareness to Green living.  I first became aware of it in the 70s with the oil crisis, and then a trip to Aruba in the late 80s catapulted me into my path of recycling.  Each time our planet experiences a public crisis of mismanagement, indulgence or greed we become aware of how we live and the limited resources of our planet.  What choices can we make that help our planet sustain its beauty, and balance?

Let’s start by reaching out to our community, wherever you live.  I know we have students who live all over the US, and beyond.  So as I write about the Cape Cod community, may you take it to heart and home.

Memorial Day weekend was a delightful kick off for our yoga season, and summer.  The weather was spectacular, and so many came out to play and practice with us.  I noticed that the trash barrels were full, and was saddened by the lack of recycling options.

This morning I decided to go beyond the feeling of “lack” and look into it.  I called New Seabury and was directed to Amy Buckley, Administrative Assistant to GM.  We had a great chat and she shared with me that she had just ordered recycling bins for the beach club.  The kitchens have been recycling for years, including recycling the fryolator oil for reuse.  Great news!

Now it is our turn.  Recycle your plastic bottles, or bring your own reusable water bottles to class or to the beach.  USE THE BINS for your cardboard, cans and plasticware.  Consider bringing cloth napkins and silverware to wash back home to reduce the amount of throw away products you are using.  As each of us reduces our usage, recycles what we use, reuses products again and again, and renew our commitment to this daily, WE MAKE A DIFFERNCE!

Here is to BEING the difference we wish to see in our community, our children, our planet.

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Sunday, December 13th, 2009

In a culture that is focused on consumerism and at this time of year of purchasing “gifts” I know that a topic on Emptiness may seem out of sync.  But then again why not bring some balance in the culture and season?

I’m inspired to speak of emptiness from a slide show that is going around called The Principles of Emptiness.    In this piece we are asked some very poignant questions.

  • Have you got the habit of hoarding useless objects, thinking that one day, who knows when, you may need them?
  • Have you got the habit of accumulating money, and not spending it because you think that in the future you may be in want of it?
  • Have you got the habit of storing clothes, shoes, furniture, utensils and other home supplies that you haven’t used already for some time?
  • And inside yourself…:  Have you got the habit to keep reproaches, resentment, sadness and fears and more?

    When we hoard, hold onto out of fear, and believe that there is lack in the world what we are doing is creating a powerful force that attracts more of that to us.  We stop the natural flow of prosperity, and begin to live with “less than”, and believe that we are also not worthy of all that is rich, vibrant, and nurturing.  We are also denying someone else, or something else from receiving what they need.  It is a big STOP action in the Universe.  We DENY.


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