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Sunday, December 13th, 2009

In a culture that is focused on consumerism and at this time of year of purchasing “gifts” I know that a topic on Emptiness may seem out of sync.  But then again why not bring some balance in the culture and season?

I’m inspired to speak of emptiness from a slide show that is going around called The Principles of Emptiness.    In this piece we are asked some very poignant questions.

  • Have you got the habit of hoarding useless objects, thinking that one day, who knows when, you may need them?
  • Have you got the habit of accumulating money, and not spending it because you think that in the future you may be in want of it?
  • Have you got the habit of storing clothes, shoes, furniture, utensils and other home supplies that you haven’t used already for some time?
  • And inside yourself…:  Have you got the habit to keep reproaches, resentment, sadness and fears and more?

    When we hoard, hold onto out of fear, and believe that there is lack in the world what we are doing is creating a powerful force that attracts more of that to us.  We stop the natural flow of prosperity, and begin to live with “less than”, and believe that we are also not worthy of all that is rich, vibrant, and nurturing.  We are also denying someone else, or something else from receiving what they need.  It is a big STOP action in the Universe.  We DENY.


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    6 Physiology Principles of Prosperity

    Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

    I am reading a wonderful book, Anatomy and Asana:Preventing Yoga Injuries by Susi Hately Aldous and came across 6 physiology principles for yoga. My mind instantly thought of how these principles apply to life, period, and can be adapted to many facets of life. So I share with all of you another perspective on aligning to prosperity.

    1. Principle of Individual Differences – Every one is different and therefore we experience and see life from a multitude of perspectives. Prosperity is that multitude, and we become aware from our own sense of individuality that we are part of something truly remarkable – a multi faceted, ever expanding, unlimited life of possibilities!

    2. Principle of Overload – In order to adapt we must first find the edge of our comfort zone, and then step over it. If you want to maintain life at the current level than do not change anything. However, life in its abundance will change and you can either change with it, or use a whole lot of energy trying to remain the same. Struggle or flow?

    3. Principle of Progression – this principle implies that there is an optimal level of overload for each of us. It is important to understand how to move gracefully through overload and rest. We can get carried away and want to change everything too quickly, just as we can get stagnant and want nothing to change. Finding grace in our progression is the key to this principle.

    4. Principle of Adaptation – According to this principle our bodies (mental/physical/emotional/spiritual) adapt to changes in a specific way. As we continually repeat a new pattern it will become easier and easier. And then, of course, it is time to change again.

    5. Principle of Use/Disuse – This is the “use it or lose” it principle. Be prosperous, think prosperous, act prosperous or lose it. If you stop doing things in a prosperous way, you will lose the gains you have made and find yourself walking your old path of misery (unhappiness) and misery (poverty.)

    6. Principle of Rest – Rest is the opportunity for our mind, body and spirit to acclimate to the “stress” of change, and to incorporate the transitions in order for us to become the NEW normal. Rest is what gives our adrenaline output time to restore. It allows the mind to attune to the adaptations we are asking it to make. Our sense of “self” expands during rest, aligns to being in this new way when we rest. Remember that there is a difference between rest and stopping. Finding the balance of rest and doing is an art.

    Here is to all of us discovering the grace, art and joy of a prosperous life!

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    Prosperity in Action

    Saturday, February 21st, 2009

    In this time of recession so many people are suffering.   I can feel the fear is almost palpable, as a great consciousness of lack is permeating the airwaves, media and daily conversations.  So what did happen to all the money?  Where is all of the vast abundance of this planet?  Did it dry up and disappear?  Or is there still a great prosperity available to each and every one of us?
    This is a wonderful time for those on the Yoga path, as it is a great opportunity to maintain the consciousness of abundance.  Yoga is not only the postures we practice in classes, but Yoga of the mind.  There is a powerful philosophy of awareness that permeates a Yoga path.  As we stretch our beliefs, question the consciousness that is surrounding us and find mental clarity, we have the opportunity to make a change, and be a solution to the problem or disturbance of our community.
    Ancient  Wisdom –
    While teaching from the Yoga Sutras this week in teacher training, we were discussing the nine obstacles of the mind to finding peace (Samadhi) through mental clarity.  They are illness, mental stagnation, doubts, lack of foresight, fatigue, overindulgence, illusions about one’s true state of mind, lack of perseverance, and regression.  Sound familiar?  We each had a laugh as we went through the list and recognized these states, and the way they create mental disturbances and/or encourage distractions.  I recognized how this applies to the path of prosperity as well.
    There are times when we don’t’ recognize that we are experiencing any of these obstacles, and the Yoga Sutras help us by sharing the sign posts of these obstacles, they are –
    ·         Negative thinking
    ·         Inability to be at ease in different body postures
    ·         Difficulty controlling one’s breathe
    ·         And mental discomfort.

     As one student said, “Busted.”  I loved that one-word-awareness, as it breaks the dullness, and brings one back to awareness.  As we come back to awareness and seek understanding, the doors of prosperity open to us.  We recognize that we are experiencing release from these obstacles when we can be neutral in a situation, or when we can celebrate other’s happiness while being compassionate for those who are suffering.  When we experience being peaceful around those who are disturbing or challenging what is, and find tranquility within while letting go of the need to have it come from outside of you, you have found prosperity.  Yes, it is within you.  Ah, to the prosperity of the mind!
    Another viewpoint –
    What is happening right now?  Many are calling it a financial recession, and others are seeing it as a call to change.  Recognize there is a choice in how you will view this time, and you begin to empower yourself (which feels better to most people, then being victim to something  that you have no control over.)  The absolute is that things are changing. Now how will you view it or what are you doing about it?  Those who are calling it a recession are naming the change, and taking it into a state of lack.  Those who are seeing it as a time of change are recognizing the transition and then looking at the transition as a time of creative possibility. 
    Stuck or Moving On?
    So what will it be for you?  Do you want to “mourn” the losses, and get stuck in the mind of what was?  Or are you ready to look at the new direction?   Do you want to believe that we are lacking something now, or are you ready to begin to see what IS available and abundant right now? 
    Let’s take a look at the abundance.  What are your resources?  What do you have to contribute to this dynamic change?  Whether it is money, time, education, skills, creativity, support, connections, or awareness of a need, the first question is what do we all have to contribute?  And then what is it that people want, need, or dream of?  How can we serve?
    Call to Service
    You’ve heard it a lot lately, a call to service.  One reason for this is that when we are in service we are “busting” the lack mentality and giving from the place of prosperity (and there are so many ways to do it.)  We step out of our individual mindset, and leap into being part of something bigger than we are.  In Yoga this is called Isvarapranidhana, recognition of something that is so much greater than we are and the decision to become part of it (surrender.) 
    In the Yoga Sutras one of the strongest ways to Samadhi (bliss) is recognizing and surrendering to that which is greater than we are, in the name of God, Buddha, Isvara, Universe, Goddess, Divine or any other name.  When we say YES to helping someone we become something bigger than ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple YES to holding a door for a stranger or as big as YES to creating an organization that will change the course of many lives.  All it takes is the YES.  In that moment we are sharing in a form of abundance, and we no longer are acting or reacting to a belief that there is not enough.
    The Invitation
    It doesn’t have to be hard, or even take a lot for you to find your way to service.  Once you recognize you CAN, that you do HAVE, you will see many opportunities to SHARE.  “I don’t have much” or “It is hard for me…” are expressions from the consciousness of lack.  When you shift to believing that you do HAVE, and you CAN, you will hear yourself saying YES to all sorts of opportunities.  Some of these opportunities will take just a moment, a little bit of something you do have, and the rewards will far out weigh what you will be expending.  Go ahead, reach out.  Be part of the solution, maybe come up with a new way of looking at all of it.  Be RICH, again.
    In light, love and service I bow to each one of you with Namaste.

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