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Wind Salutation

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Wind Salutation from Yoga on the Beach –

In Yoga class we often honor the Sun, and Moon with a salutation and one day while the wind was blowing 15-20 mph I was inspired to honor the wind with a salutation. Please enjoy it for your personal practice or in teaching others.

In this salutation to the wind your body becomes a weathervane and your breath the wind. Each breath shifts the direction of the weathervane playfully tipping, twirling, aligning. Enjoy!

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Favorite Poses

Monday, March 16th, 2009

While doing yoga the other day I noted how my yoga path has been such a beautiful process of evolution. As I moved into pidgeon with ease and joy, I recalled the time that this pose would have me rolling my eyes back and moaning discontentment. Aagh, my mind would resist and my body would respond to it. Now I look forward to that relief and pleasure of the pose. This brought me to wanting to open up a discussion with my students. This blog is a wonderful opportunity for sharing in the yoga community.

So dear yogis and yoginis, don’t be shy, take a moment to share what is currently your favorite pose. What is it about the pose that stimulates connection to it? What about the nature of the pose alignes with the nature of you?  Hit that comment button and share.  It will be such fun to hear from you.

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