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Yoga Rhythm

Monday, June 29th, 2009

I (Don) discovered a whole new dimension of my yoga practice when I started doing yoga while listening to rhythmic sacred music.   The term “yoga rhythm” came to mind and soon I discovered that there were teachers, CD’s and DVD’s all bringing this exciting dimension of yoga to students everywhere. 

The flow of yoga postures to music enhanced my energy and enthusiasm during my practice.  What a great way to connect with our bodies and to experience that heightened sense of energy that wonderful music brings to us.  Initially, I started adapting postures to the music but then found myself spontaneously and intuitively moving to percussive sounds and chants.  I did some research and watched several DVD’s of some celebrated yoga teachers who have found their niche in combining yoga and dance, Shiva Rhea being one of the most well known.  I found that they all shared a common message: find your way to expressing your self.  Free yourself to create and to find the joyful feelings arising out of your practice.  It was great having an opportunity to share this practice in some of our own master classes and retreats where our students were drawn to this exciting addition to their yoga practice.   

This year Nancy and I are excited to announce this new addition to our weekly schedule.  Come join our Wednesday morning class for Yoga Rhythm at our regularly scheduled time of 8AM to 9:30 AM at Yoga on the Beach at the New Seabury Beach Club

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