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Thursday, March 11th, 2010

As Don and I drove into the park this morning we saw police cars and an ambulance at the far end of the park. Curious we drove up to see what had happened, and immediately realized it was what I call a miracle. 13 cubans arrived this morning by “boat”, and made it to land. I put the word boat in quotes, as you will see by the picture that it was the most rudimentary form of boat.

It was quite emotional to see their excitement and joy knowing that they had made it here after 3 years of planning, and 3 days at sea. 12 men and 1 woman arrived, with two of them getting hurt as they leaped from the boat. One broke his ankle, and the other got his foot caught in the prop of the engine. But you see urgency was at hand for they must make it to land or they will be sent back to Cuba.

They were taken to the bathroom area, given blankets, towels (as they were all wet), someone brought warm drinks for them while they waited to be processed through the border patrol. Just as we were starting class one of the men whistled over to Don, as Don had spoken to him in Spanish earlier. After 3 days at sea, with little to eat or drink, what this man wanted from Don was a cigarette!

So many emotions seemed to touch everyone. From the volunteer who was doing her morning walk, and saw them land there were tears. From our students we saw and heard joy, awe, disbelief, welcoming, and gratitude. From the new guests to our country there was great celebration, exhaustion, hunger, and a desire to have a smoke.

For me, I kept hearing “Let Freedom Ring.” And so it is.

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