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The Power of Gratitude

Monday, November 16th, 2009

One of the simplest and most powerful gifts that we all possess is Gratitude. November is the month in which we take pause to be in Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks – to be in Gratitude.

As a child, born in November, I always loved this month but had conflicting feelings about Thanksgiving. As a small child I loved how the whole family would gather together for my birthday, and have such a big meal! As I grew I bit older I wished my birthday didn’t conflict with the holiday. But even more confusing was the concept of this one day when we were “supposed” to come up with things to be grateful for.

I remember sitting around the table and reaching deep down into myself looking for something to be grateful for, as I had yet developed the concept of giving thanks on demand. I certainly felt the Gratitude that exists in a moment of pleasure but the concept of bringing up Gratitude from a past memory or when asked to in a given moment was very foreign to me.

I have since found the power of Gratitude that exists within, that can be recalled at any moment and uplifts me in seconds. Through teachings I have studied from the Heartmath Institute I have come to recognize what thousands of other people also understand, that when you FEEL Gratitude you feel better. (more…)

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