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Yin Yang Yoga

Friday, April 5th, 2013

BY Céline Peccatte

When I come to my yoga mat, I ask myself what kind of yoga practice is going to help me rebalance my energy today?

“Do I practice in a Yin way, holding gentle poses for a few minutes and relaxing into my body or do I move my body through a flow of poses, engage in a more active form of yoga?” When I practice in a Yin way, the poses are the platform where I explore the concept of simply being in my body and allowing the sensations to come and go, relaxing my usual physical and mental reactivity. When I practice in a Yang way, I engage my muscles to hold poses with steadiness and I make constant adjustments to find more strength and ease in the pose.

According to the Taoist philosophy, all forms of energy that materialize contain two complementary polarities called Yin and Yang. Yin is the hidden, cold, still aspect of things while yang is the exposed, warm, moving aspect.  It is also expressed as the Tha and Ha of Hatha Yoga, the reflective moon energy and radiant sun energy.  These two aspects always coexist.  This concept is really important, Yin and Yang are never separate, they constantly change into and become the other.  They are constantly seeking for some equilibrium. One is not better than the other, although our Western culture certainly values more Yang aspects of ourselves and our life: light, activity, excitement.

Imbalances in these opposites can manifest in various forms. In my twenties I was caught in a constant swing of very excessive Yin and Yang episodes, known in the western medicine as manic depression.  Through both Yin Yoga practice and meditation, I was able to nurture and accept myself and I learned to relax into overwhelming sensations of anxiety. My active Yoga practice helped me move energy blocks, gradually regaining confidence in my body and mind’s abilities and flexibility.  I truly understand now the necessity of including both Yin and Yang practices to heal and to find a sustainable sense of wellbeing.

Balancing Yin and Yang in our daily yoga practice and life starts with becoming aware of the imbalance. With Yin and Yang being present in everything, the practice of balancing is always happening. It is a perpetual dance with opposites: doing and being, changing and allowing, becoming and awaiting, acting and observing…  The swinging motion is always here, the more we practice, the more it becomes graceful and graceful feels good!


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Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Yoga on the Beach’s Yoga Teacher Training is now approved as a 200 hour registered program.  We are excited to share that our standards and program will help you be recognized as a yoga instructor in your community.

Are you thinking about becoming yoga certified as an instructor?  Our next program will begin Nov 30, 2010 in Key West, FL.  This program is designed to help you maintain your career and home life while immersing you in the subject and study of yoga. Meeting once a week for 20 weeks, and 1 weekend per month for 4 months you will immerse yourself in a personal path of yoga and the elements of teaching.

For more information check out our website.

Learn more, be more, share your passion.

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What a week

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

I sit here this morning in a puddle of awe, reflecting back on this week.  New Seabury you have embraced us.  We are in deep gratitude, as our classes have been record breaking this week with 4 classes in a row with over 30 students, and then 40 students on Tuesday morning!

Not to be out done, Mother Nature has inspired us with record heat and humidity.  Taking her lead we have created Seavasana, when we take the plunge and lay in Mother Ocean’s arms for final relaxation.  Nothing short of BLISS!

Wednesday morning we were moving slow in the 3 Hs (hazy, hot and humid) but by the evening class the sea breeze had kicked in. We were putting on layers, wrapping ourselves in blankets and putting the sides of the tent down.  Mother Nature gifting us with the blessings of extremes.

Whether you come with your bathing suit, or just jump in with your yoga clothes on, know that Seavasana could be an option.

See you on the beach.

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Ready, Set, YOGA

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

We are washing the last of the blankets, and folding them up today.  Then it’s time to put them in the beach shed for the season!  We are feeling the excitement of a new season of Yoga on the Beach Cape Cod style.

Classes start this Saturday.  We are offering classes Sat, Sun and Mon on Memorial Day weekend.  Then June 1 – June 26 come take class on Saturday, or Yin class on Wed night at 6:00 PM.  The full schedule kicks in on June 28.  See you on the BEACH!

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Spring Ahead

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Spring has arrived, and with that comes change. Many of us love this time of year, as the weather warms up, the daylight is longer and signs of life blooming bursts forth. Here in Key West we are enjoying the phenomenon of Spring as we have had such an unusually cold winter.

We have been inspired and are changing our Wed night Yin Yoga class time, moving it forward one hour to 6:00 – 7:00 PM. This week we kick off the time change and our new Yin Meridian Yoga series. The new time gives some of our locals time to finish work AND get to class, so we look forward to seeing you.

Don’t forget our Yoga Brunch, Sunday Mar 28. It is a potluck, so bring a little something to share.

we await you

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