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Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Greetings from Taos, as Don and I are on the move again this week.  We are visiting an area of the country that is new to us, while visiting our daughter Christine.  So far we have thoroughly enjoyed Santa Fe with all of its artistic beauty.  I really do mean ALL, as there is art everywhere in both nature and man’s creativity.  It is like the mecca of Art.  Two of my favorite galleries are Chalk Farm Gallery and Patricia Carlisle.  Check out Vladimir Kush’s work at Chalk Gallery.  My favorite are the ones that have the sailboats with butterfly sails.

We have enjoyed some great meals, time with Christine and Celine, and the Farmer’s Market. Those beautiful golden yolks are some duck eggs we tried.  They are delightful in an omelet or just fried over easy.  I love our Farmer’s Market in Key West in its intimate way, but sure did enjoy the vast abundance of foods, vendors, and smells at Santa Fe’s market.  Wow!

Here are a few more images from our trip so far.

Today we are off to explore ourselves at a spa called Oj0 Calliente.  Hot springs with lithium, iron, arsenic and soda await us, not to mention the clay baths!  I’ll be hanging in a hammock reading THE LIFE OF PI, while Don enjoys a nap.

We return for class on Saturday morning.  It will be good to be back on the beach again, in the meantime we are loving our mountain time!

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