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Croatia, you stole our hearts!

Monday, July 4th, 2016

IMG_2860“Why Croatia?”, was a question we were often asked as we marketed Dalliance at Sea – a yoga passage through Croatia.   To be honest I can’t remember how Croatia came to be in our sphere of choices, but once it was, there was no turning back. It seems like many Americans have no idea where it is, let alone why we wanted to go there. For us it had the appeal of a small, not over-visited country with thousands of islands, diverse landscape, activities to enjoy and history to uncover. What we found was so much more.


From the big cities, Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, to the small villages, Korchula, Trisnik, Bol, we discovered the charm of its people, history and food. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. They seemed to enjoy one another and there was an easy flow to the day to day commuting about the city or town. Every meal was delicious! The history of the city and country is so rich and complex, with all of the civilizations that contributed to its current culture.


IMG_2881We discovered the country side with its rolling hills, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and miles of shoreline. Flower, fauna and colors galore were the eye candy of this trip, with each area we traveled through giving us an array of nature’s magic! Plvitice National Park is a must see, and our day was made special with rain to add to the watery magic


IMG_3159There is something very special here that we are missing in the US. Self-responsibility is predominant and I found it so refreshing. This is one of the things I love about traveling; the discovery of new perspectives and Croatia gave me the awareness of how much living in a litigiousness society has created restrictions. We say we have freedom, but I came to discover how limited that sense of freedom is in light of the ways of Croatia. I truly enjoyed a sense of freedom in Croatia that I haven’t felt for many years.


Thank you to our wonderful group of adventurers who added laughter, spirit, friendship and warmth to this marvelous trip! To our new friends who we said goodbye to in Croatia, we shall be back! Stay tuned for our next adventure!13432169_10210154019397638_7541739182952320263_n



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Personal Retreats

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Last week we had the opportunity to offer a personal retreat to a mother/daughter as a Christmas gift from the husband/father.  It was so much fun, and an honor to create the space for their personalized retreat day.  They began their day with a Yoga on the Beach class, and then we offered them tea by the sea, as they relaxed and communed in Ft Zachary State Park.  (Want to read the view from our clients, check out their blog.)

Then it was off to a beautiful garden setting for their massages provided by Ocean Wellness Spa.  In the shade of the palm trees with the waterfall singing the song of relaxation each of them had a personal and healing session with their massage therapist.  They showered off and freshened up and then it was off to the kitchen for a little detox and dine session with Celine Peccatte.

Celine offered a hands-on kitchen session for each of them to learn more about how to explore detoxing for the body, healthy eating and food preparation with the end process being their healthy lunch.  YUM!

Next they sat outside doing a mandala coloring meditation.  Choosing their own mandala they sat in the quiet of the yard, picking their colors and delving into the healing powers of their mandala.  They loved it!

Their day ended receiving a Reiki session with Nancy Curran and Don Bartolone.   Their one hour hands on healing session offered each of the retreatants time to breathe, relax and find a deep sense of inner calm.  They gently drew themselves off the tables grinning, and in deep gratitude.  What was wonderful was how the feeling was across the board as all of the Yoga on the Beach and Ocean Wellness Spa facilitators felt the same way.


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Unplugged 2012

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Well I did it!  For 24 hours I was unplugged from the internet, email, cell phone and TV, and what I discovered was delicious.

Gretchen Mills from Key West Yoga Sanctuary and I joined in on the National Day of Unplugging to create a wonderful event for Key West.  We kicked off the event on Friday evening with a Music Jam/Potluck.  What sweetness to hang with friends, families (lots of little ones playing on the beach) sing, and eat wonderfully nourishing food while the sunset! Thank you Lazy Dog for bringing paddle boards over for us to play on.  And then we did it, we turned it all off!

The rest of the evening was reading, relaxing and a great nights sleep.  I was aware of how my shoulders unwound during the night and it felt divine.

Saturday was a day for being in nature, spending time with loved ones, eating nourishing food, doing Yoga and Meditation, creating art and music, or just being!  We offered events around town to encourage all of that including a wonderful children’s art project with Jenni Franke at Key West Wildlife Center, pottery painting at Honest Works Island Pottery, and a picnic at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park (box lunch provided by Help Yourself!).

I kicked off my morning with yoga, by teaching class at Ft Zach.  Then it was time to chillax at the beach.  I brought a picnic breakfast, books to read, a comfy beach chair to enjoy.  It was such a treat to just be at the beach with friends, and loved ones watching the day wander by.  It was the annual around the island sailing race, so I was there to cheer on my friends as they came around the point pushing against the current.  Rah! For lunch Don brought us a nutritious box lunch from Help Yourself! We lingered, we chatted, we played with babies, and laughed a lot.

By 3 pm it was time to leave the beach and head over to the Key West Yoga Sanctuary for Raji’s class JourneyDance .  What a treat to experience her offering, spirit and space to dance with others and be expressive with music.  We rocked it, bounced it, partnered, expressed, connected and liberated IT!  Wahoo!

The feeling of elation took me to Higg’s Beach where a few of us met to give thanks for the day.  As the sunset on my 24 hours I reflected on the freedom this time of unplugging connected me to, and the knowing I can do this at anytime I so declare.  I declare it now that we shall do it again for our second annual day next March, and whenever the inspiration initiates between now and then.  “See” you then!

Thank you!

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Key West Wellness Retreat

Friday, March 4th, 2011

I am so excited to be working with Donna Shields and Katie Haley as we collaborate in a new venture, Key West Wellness Retreats.  Our first offering is coming up fast, May 12-15, 2011.

Many of you are familiar with Yoga on the Beach, and our offerings, so let me introduce you to Donna Shields and Katie Haley.  Donna Shields, MS RD LD  is an Integrative nutritionist, cookbook author and radio talk show host of Natural Living.  Katie Haley, BS LMT, is the founder of Cosmicflower, educator, and writer. Together we will be offering an adventurous journey into wellness, while exploring many of the beautiful locations in Key West.

This 3-day program focuses on integrative nutrition and healthy cooking, aromatherapy for wellness and healing, intuitive mediation using essential oils, an organic wine tasting and yoga on the beach. Guests will also blend their own botanical perfumes to take home.

We will be using some of the beautiful gardens in Key West during this retreat that are not typically available to tourists.   As an added bonus, the program is accredited for continuing education hours for Florida registered nurses and massage therapists.

Can’t make this retreat?  Our next retreat is November 10-13, 2011.  Key West Wellness Retreats can also create a retreat for your group or organization depending on your needs and interests.

Did I just hear a sigh of relief?  I hope you’ll be able to join us soon.

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Yoga Immersion 2010

Monday, April 26th, 2010

If a pictures says 1000 words, then here goes a book.  This year’s Yoga Immersion was space for those to reach beyond their personal sense of boundary… Enjoy!

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