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Slow Living

Saturday, January 31st, 2015


Signs Warning of Approaching Curve

I was driving to an appointment up the keys the other day and I joyfully noted the deep upwelling of gratitude I have for living on such a small piece of land in a spacious area of water and sky. As one driver in front of me slowed down and allowed someone to cross the street, I noticed how another driver gave him a thumbs-up, while no one seemed perturbed by that thoughtful action. No horns blared. No one was yelling or throwing obscene gestures. The time frame was in a place of generosity and kindness rather than the annoyed pace of “hurried.” I noted that this was not an unusual act but common and I was grateful!

I live on an island that is 2 by 4 miles, where the preferred mode of transportation for many is a bicycle or walking. The prevalent speed limit is 25 mph, with the fastest limit on our boulevard being 35 mph. If you are not used to driving here you stand out as you, flustered in your hurry, rush to get a few feet up the road faster while everyone else is calmly enjoying the view and the ease of island living. If you are not used to this pace you stand out.

It is a joy to slow down and bike or walk to an evening’s event in town.   Conversations are extended in the extra time it takes to get there, and are often interrupted or even inspired by the beauty that is all around us as we see, smell and hear our environment embracing us. During the day it is the brilliance of the vegetation, the shades of light that dapple the colorful homes and the ever changing sky that catches my eye. At night the sense of smell dominates, as the ever-changing floral scents seem to sweeten in the evening air as I peddle or walk by. With the seasons shifts, the floral essence changes from mango to jasmine, stephanotis and gardenia to name a few of my favorites. With each sniff the mood changes, and feelings are stirred from deep within. Don’t forget to add a few minutes to your travel time as there is a good chance you may happen upon a friend, and will need to stop to say hi.

I am thankful for the opportunity to shed the teachings of a crowded place where time, space and nature is at a premium, and hurried or competition dominates in so many ways. I appreciate the teachings of a spacious place (even in its close living proximity) that continues to hold to a slow easy pace, inspiring those who live in it to embrace their community, to show kindness and engage with one another. May this “revolution” expand and remind others to slow down, look around and feel the connection.


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Well Being

Friday, November 30th, 2012

You wake up each morning and get out of bed to begin your day.  Maybe you notice how you feel, and maybe not.  Well-being awakens with you to some degree each time you rouse, but to what degree and how you then go about nurturing it within you is a daily practice.

What is Well-Being?

The term “well-being” is one of those that has been around for generations and who’s meaning continues to expand.  The concept of achieving well-being is the goal of every healing modality from traditional schools to alternative healing arts.   Familiarity with the subject, like many other topics, began to take on a generalized reference to all around health.

Currently there is a revival of interest in “well-being” with more specific implications.  In other words the vague concept of wellness or general health is opening to well-being as a life style or a life experience.   When transposed, well-being is “being well”.  Here is where each one of us gets to embark on a journey into the experience of well-being for us as individuals, as a community, and as a planet.

In almost every language, a common greeting is “hello, how are you”.  In response we commonly hear, “fine thank you, how are you?”    Often though, we also hear a litany of responses that reflect whatever the listener is feeling at that moment. It may include anything in the realm of human experience.  “I am sad, my dog died”; “I am broke, I lost my job”; I am angry, my partner left me”, I am sick, I have a cold; and endless other descriptions of our mental, emotional, physical, financial, and personal states that reflect our sense of being, but not necessarily a sense of well being.

For many, well-being refers to one’s answer to “how are you….really?  Taking it one step further, the answer to that question is more likely, what is your perception of how you are, your personal well-being.  But well-being is a many faceted reflection of the fullness of your life experience. As we go beyond personal well-being we come to discover our professional, fiscal, spiritual, community and global well-being. Take a moment and reflect on how you approach your well-being in reflection of not only yourself and your career but your community and the planet that is your home.

So what does supporting our well-being really mean then? Think of phrases like: getting in tune with, finding harmony, getting in alignment, finding contentment, synchronicity, fostering the sense of abundance, and most certainly a profound sense of gratitude, as possible indicators of our experience of well-being.

More than ever, there is unlimited support for self care and opportunities for finding the balance in our lives that supports well-being on every level.  Being well is essential to the quality of life and ultimately happiness.  Each of us is endowed with the means to identify and respond to our needs for being well.  The notion of getting ourselves fixed in some way has given way to the self empowerment movement.  As resources abound and continue to multiply, the journey to wellness is a smorgasbord of opportunities to live our lives fully with limitless abundance, freedom, happiness, and what every you need to enjoy the ride.

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Monday, June 18th, 2012

Anyone else notice that there is a shift in the way of the world?  Change.

Faster, quicker, more often seems to be the way of change for so many of us these days.  Some speak of it in terms of the astrological alignments we are living through, while others see it as the results of the technology we are governed by.  Regardless of the why, the sooner we can be aware of it the easier it is to ride the wave.

Like death, change is one of the few absolutes that exists.  You may not know when, what, where or how but you sure know it will happen.  The challenge for so many of us is how you adapt to the changes when they do happen.  How to be creative in the light of the shifting nature of time, circumstances, choices or opportunities is one of the challenges you are being asked to face.  There is a deep calling for us to develop, evolve and mature the habits that are our initial responses to change.

Take a moment to think about your immediate reactions to change.  Do you want to fight it, deny it, fix it or pretend it isn’t even happening?  Do you freeze like a deer in headlights? Our initial response to change is often one that is born from the hypothalamus, in the brain, which houses our fight or flight response.  NO, is the internal scream of our mind/body/spirit when we function here.  We tend to react impulsively rather than respond.  Again like death we go through stages of “grief” with change.  Starting with denial, then anger, then we move into a phase of attempting to control what’s happening.  Eventually we come to a sense of defeat or depression, which if we are blessed rises into Acceptance! This has been the way, but it is not the ONLY way.

This time of change is inviting us to rise up, and I do mean that literally as well as figuratively.  The cerebral cortex of the brain is above the area of the hypothalamus, and houses our higher consciousness responses.  Our ability to process information, be creative, be aware, develop perceptions, and raise our consciousness is all housed in this area of the brain.  When we access our cerebral cortex we are more likely to be able to accept what is happening, and then create our life possibilities from the starting point of what IS rather than from what was.

In the moments when life changes appear, take some time to pause, assess and access.  First pause and take some time to recognize your life landscape has shifted.  Assess the new landscape, including all of the familiar that remains, as well as the new that has appeared.  Then access your ability to perceive clearly rooted in this moment, right now.  Be conscious of ALL that is rising up or dissolving, and begin to process all of the potential that is present.  It may take a lot of effort in the beginning to make this shift, as you will be exercising your mind from its old patterns into a new way!  But after a while, blissfully, it can become easy, like sliding on a new pair of shoes.  Once they are worn for a bit they can get very comfortable.

One more thought, sometimes your impulse to run around and “fix” things or do something about what is happening is more destructive than constructive.  It is the gut responds of the hypothalamus to do something, and quickly!  Allowing time to pause, access and assess will give you the space to let your awareness mature or rise up.  Once you do, get ready to experience the bliss of higher consciousness.  A becalming sense of serenity and peace will envelope you, and all those who come in contact with you.  This gift becomes you, and anyone who you share it with in your presence.

To Change and Beyond….



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Unplugged 2012

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Well I did it!  For 24 hours I was unplugged from the internet, email, cell phone and TV, and what I discovered was delicious.

Gretchen Mills from Key West Yoga Sanctuary and I joined in on the National Day of Unplugging to create a wonderful event for Key West.  We kicked off the event on Friday evening with a Music Jam/Potluck.  What sweetness to hang with friends, families (lots of little ones playing on the beach) sing, and eat wonderfully nourishing food while the sunset! Thank you Lazy Dog for bringing paddle boards over for us to play on.  And then we did it, we turned it all off!

The rest of the evening was reading, relaxing and a great nights sleep.  I was aware of how my shoulders unwound during the night and it felt divine.

Saturday was a day for being in nature, spending time with loved ones, eating nourishing food, doing Yoga and Meditation, creating art and music, or just being!  We offered events around town to encourage all of that including a wonderful children’s art project with Jenni Franke at Key West Wildlife Center, pottery painting at Honest Works Island Pottery, and a picnic at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park (box lunch provided by Help Yourself!).

I kicked off my morning with yoga, by teaching class at Ft Zach.  Then it was time to chillax at the beach.  I brought a picnic breakfast, books to read, a comfy beach chair to enjoy.  It was such a treat to just be at the beach with friends, and loved ones watching the day wander by.  It was the annual around the island sailing race, so I was there to cheer on my friends as they came around the point pushing against the current.  Rah! For lunch Don brought us a nutritious box lunch from Help Yourself! We lingered, we chatted, we played with babies, and laughed a lot.

By 3 pm it was time to leave the beach and head over to the Key West Yoga Sanctuary for Raji’s class JourneyDance .  What a treat to experience her offering, spirit and space to dance with others and be expressive with music.  We rocked it, bounced it, partnered, expressed, connected and liberated IT!  Wahoo!

The feeling of elation took me to Higg’s Beach where a few of us met to give thanks for the day.  As the sunset on my 24 hours I reflected on the freedom this time of unplugging connected me to, and the knowing I can do this at anytime I so declare.  I declare it now that we shall do it again for our second annual day next March, and whenever the inspiration initiates between now and then.  “See” you then!

Thank you!

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Another look at recycling…

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Some of you know that I have a passion for anything that supports a sustainable, healthy plant.  Recently I was popping around the internet, and through a childhood friend’s twitter account I found this link.   Mike Biddle and his team have discovered a way to reuse plastic!  His method uses 90 percent (that’s right 90 percent) less energy to create plastic than “virgin” plastic does.

Please take the time to watch this.  I say thank you Mike!  Happy mining, as your resources are extensive and the contribution you are making to the health of our planet is enormous!

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