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Feature Teacher – Julia Moffitt

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Meet Julia!  This photo captures her spirit so beautifully.  She will be teaching class on Saturday morning at Ft Zach Oct 5th and 12th, as well as many other locations in Key West.   We hope you get a chance to share her passion and joy for the yoga path soon.  In the meantime here is your opportunity to get to know her a bit.

1.     Do you remember what brought you to practice Yoga? 
I was running long distances and wasn’t very inspired to stretch, though I knew I should. One month I saw a studio was offering new students a great monthly unlimited rate, and I figured I should try yoga finally.

2.     What was the inspiration that motivated you to become a yoga teacher?
I decided to take a teacher training not because I wanted to teach, but because I wanted to understand more about yoga, historically and theoretically.   As part of the training students of course must teach.  When we reached that point in the training I found I enjoying sharing and activating the theoretical while leading an asana.  And the teacher part of the training was suddenly awakened in me!

3.     How does yoga help you?
Yoga reminds me that learning never ever ends, and everything that I love and dislike can change in an instant.  Yoga keeps me humble.

4.     Describe yourself in 5 words?
Dedicated, eager, poor-comedian, compassionate, reliable.

5.     Other than yoga, what passion(s) do you have?
Cooking, eating, travel, eating, eating, long conversations that seem to only last moments with good friends.

6.     If you could be anyone else for a day who would it be? 
I wouldn’t.  Though if I could be an animal I would choose a horse.

7.     Downtime, what do you love to do with it? 
Gosh, I’m such a dork.  Yoga, practicing Thai massage on willing friends, and eating ice cream.

8.     Favorite pose – what is it and why?
Parivrtta parsvakonasana.  For me, stillness in the pose comes from the intense internal sensations of movement and dynamic energy swirling from to center and radiating from each end of your body. I definitely have the feeling of my energy moving beyong the boundry of my physical body.

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Feature Teacher: Céline Peccatte

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

We love our teachers at Yoga on the Beach and know that you do too!  This new feature was created so that you could come to know them a bit better. We have asked them the same eight questions and what a great variety of answers we will be sharing with you over the next few months.

This month we are highlighting Céline Peccatte who started as a student with us, and then became one of our first teachers. With her delightful French accent, sweet sense of humor and deep passion for the yogic path she shares deeply from the heart when she teaches Yoga on the Beach.

  • 1.     Do you remember what brought you to practice Yoga?

A longing to find some inner peace, well being and balance in my life brought me to yoga.  It was also a yearning of finding my heart on a spiritual path and become part of a community that teaches me and inspires me.

  • 2.     What was the inspiration or impetus that brought you to become a yoga teacher?

I wanted to deepen my physical practice and learn about the spiritual and philosophical aspect of yoga.  I did not know if I was going to teach.  Since I did a one month intensive program it was like going on a yoga retreat for me, I wanted to immerse myself into yoga like I had done with Buddhism on meditation retreats. Once I became clearer about the benefits of yoga and the spiritual path that it opens up to, I naturally wanted to share it with others and be my contribution to the working world.

  • 3.     How does yoga help you?

It brings me back home to my body, to my heart and helps me to get glimpses of what it feels like to use one’s mind instead of being pulled by it in so many directions or spinning like a hamster on a wheel.

It helps me find a sense of well being and balance.  It helps my body to function more optimally.  It nourishes my body and nourishes my soul.  Also it makes my heart grow more tender and open.  My yoga practice, meditation being part of it helps me relate to the world and others with a sense of connection and love.

I have become more skillful at living life in a balanced and purposeful way. It helps me navigate the difficult parts of life and enjoy more the juiciness of life.

  • 4.     Describe yourself in 5 words?

kind, perseverant, light, brave, emotional

  • 5.     Other than yoga, what passion(s) do you have?

Sailing, self growth, Buddhism, cooking,

  • 6.     If you could be anyone else for a day who would it be?

Beside Nancy Curran to feel empowered, express my creativity through teaching and have lots of fun in life!

Ty Powers, he is a great meditation teacher. The way he relates to others inspire me.  His masculine and feminine energy are so balanced. He works as a team with his wife to bring Yoga and the teachings of Buddhism all over the world. (plus he is married to Sarah! heehee!)

  • 7.     Downtime, what do you love to do with it?

Sail, swim in the ocean, listen to Dharma teachings, have fun with friends, learn to play medicine songs and chants on my guitar.

  • 8.     Favorite pose – what is it and why?

TADASANA: I get to play with opposite energies in my body and bring them together.  Feet rooted in the ground I expend my chest and lift my spine up towards the sky.  I open my body towards the front and also the back.  Tadasana is a pose that teaches me to take ownership of my body and my life, to be present. Standing in Tadasana teaching yoga on the beach, I become part of nature, I belong, I feel connected and I offer my presence.

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