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Shout out – Cape Cod Holiday Estates

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

gallery_pic_2Yoga on the Beach is in our second year teaching Aqua Yoga at Cape Cod Holiday Estates.  We love offering this unique Yoga practice to our community, one that gives many people an introduction to the many benefits of Yoga and the gifts of water,  while challenging regular students to access flow within their practice.  What has been interesting is to hear so many people ask where is Cape Cod Holiday Estates? It is a hidden treasure just around the corner from New Seabury and Popponesset.

You may have driven by it so many times, on your way to South Cape beach or to your home.  It is just past the first New Seabury entrance off of Great Oak Rd.  They are lovely Cape Cod style homes, set in a grove of trees, beautifully landscaped in “Capescape” style.  They have 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes to rent in season or off season.  The grounds include tennis courts, the pool and recreation room with exercise equipment.  Up until recently the summer rentals were by the week, but NOW you can rent by the night as well (if available.)

To ring in the New Year of 2000 we rented one of the units for Don’s family to come and celebrate with us.  It was so nice to have a home for them to use during their stay.  They loved it!

Next time you drive down Great Oak Rd, have a look.  It is a great place to house overflow friends and family all year round. Tell them Nancy sent you.

Our Aqua Yoga classes continue through August 28th.  We hope to see you soon.


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Completion and Transitions

Saturday, May 7th, 2016

IMG_0425Congratulate this year’s Becoming Yoga Teacher Training class of 2016!  It is a truly remarkable 200 hour journey that each one of these devoted yoga practitioners have completed towards becoming Yoga teachers.  Look out world there are some bright lights shining and sharing yoga with you!  Next program begins January 2017.


Don and Nancy are on the move.  We say adieu to our beloved island as we start our journey north soon.  We look forward to seeing our friends and family, making summer memories and our trip to Croatia.  Nancy will be posting on Facebook if you want to travel with us vicariously.


HeartMath-Certified-CoachNancy has just completed a training program as a HeartMath® Mentor Coach. She is delighted to be offering this transformational program that trains the heart mind connections.  If you are interested in making a lifestyle shift from overstressed and depleted, to one of feeling ease, peaceful and energetically renewed contact her directly by email or phone 508-737-3211.  This program will teach you easy to use, on the go techniques that have immediate results, that are long term sustainable.  To get things started Nancy is offering a 50% off package for the first 10 clients who sign up – 4 sessions $200.00 (regularly $395.00)

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Clouds, Magic, Delights

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

by Don Bartolone

Our transition to offering yoga classes ” really” on the beach this summer has surprised us with many wonderful insights and experiences.  One of the things that we became most attentive to was weather and all of its wonderful diversity here during a Cape Cod summer.  We became more cognizant of the sun and the need to moisturize, protect, and hydrate.  We got to feel what balancing in the sand is like and also the softness under our knees.  We saw the infinity of blue as we gazed up into a limitless sky and yes we even saw the shape of a heart as the clouds separated and a pair of swans swooped over us on the morning of our daughter’s wedding day.

But most remarkable for me was watching the sky on those days which held the possibility of rain. On those mornings when Nancy and I observed the chance of inclement weather, we noted that clouds don’t necessarily mean rain.   In fact, on most days, the clouds or fog gave way to a clear beautiful sky.

I am reminded that in life, internal clouds can darken our day.  Those internal clouds of dark thoughts cloud our perception.  We sometimes perceive life’s cloudy moments as threatening.  We may find ourselves changing or canceling plans.  Those thoughts can scare away moments of opportunity, joy and appreciation.  Like those summer mornings on the beach, most times the cloudy thoughts can lift to bring out a “beautiful day.”   Yet, how many times have we reacted with fear or resistance based on perceived danger. We are conditioned to run for cover rather than witness the miracle of the clearing.

When we are having a ” cloudy” thought, we can perceive it as ominous or we can remind ourselves that the sky is still brilliantly blue and the clearing is on the way.  The heaviness that can set over us with a dark or anxious thought can sometimes paralyze us into inactivity.  We may find ourselves setting the stage for what we don’t want to happen.  What if it rains, will I get wet?  What if there’s traffic, will I be late or worse stuck on the highway?  What if there is a detour, will I miss my exit?  How many scenarios can we create out of the clouds in our mind that never actually occur?

What a great opportunity to engage the law of attraction.  Look thorough the clouds and see what you want to happen.  Back to the faith principle we go.  Create the space and thoughts for a beautiful day for your class, your trip, your project, and watch for the light to shine through.

See the rays of the sun shining through parting the clouds in your mind.  Watch for it, believe it, and allow it.


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The Artist’s Way Experience

Monday, July 16th, 2012

This past winter, I had the great pleasure of participating in The Artist’s Way 12 step recovery program. Here we are mid-summer on Cape Cod, and I am now facilitating the group. How did this happen?

I was sharing my experience with a friend when I was asked to put a group together for this summer and I recognized the synchronicity of this opportunity.  Recognizing synchronicity was one of the important lessons I learned when taking The Artist’s Way, and now it has lead me to facilitating the program.

Next I recognized the voice of doubt questioning whether I was up for leading an “artist recovery group.”   Using another principle from the program, I decided to go for it. This principle helps us to come to a place where we can begin to unravel years of censorship, both internal and external.

As expressed in The Artist’s Way, we are encountering “Spiritual Electricity” and aligning with our creative source as a form of “Spiritual Chiropractic” healing.  What a delight to approach our creative energy as a “spiritual transaction” and engaging in artistic endeavors as a “form of faith”. Participating in this transformation and witnessing the opening of my fellow pilgrims on the “way” is akin to a mystical experience if not magical.

As I have my second go around with this process and in discussion with other participants in our group, I can’t help but remark on the parallels with the path of yoga. The embracing of beginner’s mind and leaping in faith in the process of self-discovery, espouse the basic tenants of yoga practice. To realize our Divinity and to live our lives as unique expressions of that very creative source from which we come, brings new definition to our lives. To live and to create become synonymous.
The basic principles of yoga like those of The Artist’s Way, teach us to surrender to something greater than ourselves and to channel that energy by allowing it to come through us rather than struggling willfully. We’re going back to the core of who we are, looking at core beliefs, and seeing the possibility of expansion for our bodies (physically, emotionally, psychically,) and for ourselves as creative beings.
What an exciting time we live in!

The opportunities for liberating our most vivid forms of expression are at hand. Whether you are practicing yoga, or participating in a recovery process such as The Artist Way, the time has come. We are stretching ourselves, breathing life into every moment, and acting in faith. When we create we are agreeing to be used for the highest good of the Great Creator, in whatever way we identify our source energy. The creative life, like yoga, is a sacred act that is approached playfully.

Allow it. Trust it. And most of all, enjoy it.

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Yoga Teacher Training in Key West

Friday, October 14th, 2011

I just met with Amy from Stay Fit Studio and we are delighted to announce that our 2011-2012 Yoga Teacher Training program will be held in their beautiful studio.  It is a spacious room with mirrors, a wooden floor and plenty of room for us to explore the practice of yoga, teaching and discover who we are.  Sounds like fun to me.

This will be our 5th year running this program in Key West, and we are looking forward to it.  Our 200 hour program is approved by Yoga Alliance, and covers

History and Philosophy of Yoga Meditation
Breathing – Techniques, Principles and Practice
Study and practice of Asanas (postures)
Assisting and modification of poses
Physical Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology
Energy Anatomy and Physiology
Yogic Lifestyle
Understanding Sanskrit
Chanting, Bandhas, and Mudras
The Business and Ethics of Teaching Yoga
Developing Your Teaching Style and Class Format
Observation of Yoga classes
Hands on assisting of classes
Practice teaching
Self Growth for Teachers

The program includes  The Forum, which meets for 20 weeks on Monday evenings from 6:30-9:30 pm and 4 weekend programs running from Dec 5- April 23.  The design of the program allows you to continue to live and work here in Key West while participating in the program.  With over 140 hour contact hours, and some 60 hours of self-study this program will inspire, challenge and develop self awareness and a deeper connection to both yoga and yourself.

Whether you want to simply learn more about yoga, or you feel ready to take the leap and become a yoga instructor this program will offer you the experience and opportunity, not to mention challenge you mentally, physically and spiritually.

Are you ready?  We are!

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