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13 years of Yoga on the Beach New Seabury!

Friday, May 30th, 2014


We have just kicked off our 13th summer season of Yoga on the Beach at New Seabury.  As I sit here reminiscing and reflecting, I have a big fat smile on my face.

I remember the first phone call to the fitness director at the time, and his reticence as I asked about using the beach club deck for Yoga classes.  He had a previous call from another instructor who apparently was quite demanding, and now here I was saying all we wanted was usage of the deck for 90 min each morning in the summer.  Nothing else.   He opened up to the idea, and away we went.

The first summer of 2002 was a quiet one for YOTB, as we began to get the word out and build confidence in our students.  It was so delightful to teach June-Sept and watch the shifting nature of the beach surrounding us.  From the swarms of swallows in both June and Sept, the blossoms of rosa rugosa turning to rosehips, a fox family running under the deck one morning to the shifting colors of the leaves and grasses we embraced our new studio.  Each morning we never knew the conditions of the day, and the number of students who would show up, but we celebrated it all!

We closed for the season on Oct 5th that year and continued classes at our Cotuit location until we left in December for Key West.  Summer lingered in our hearts until we could kick off season 2 on May 31, teaching 5 classes per week.  Slowly the class size began to build, and each year we added classes. It was in 2004 when we began 2 evening classes per week and in 2005 we started 6 days per week, including 2 evening classes.  The evening classes were often magical with the setting sun, or full moonrise but also challenging with the activities of beach fun or events happening at the same time.  Remember the bingo caller and kids celebrations?

Don and I have enjoyed the classes that seemed like semi privates with only one or two students showing up, as well as the moments when 40 would show up for class.  We feel privileged to meet each and every one of you, and to share the fullness of Yoga, as we know it with you.  The practice of non-attachment is present each moment when you are out on a beach.  Learning to flow with what is, when the tractor drives by or a bird screeches above is one of the gifts we celebrate and offer as a lesson.

This practice became a life experience 3 years ago when we were told that the beach deck would no longer be available to us.  We looked at many options, we heard your suggestions and we moved out onto the beach.  After all we are Yoga ON the Beach!  For many that change was one that did not work for you, and we understand.  For us, it was a gift as we could remain in New Seabury, continue to offer a Yoga practice based in acceptance for our students that is based outdoors, and we came to discover the joy and challenges of soft sand!

Then I reflect on our students, and so many emotions rise, shift and mingle.  Some of you have been with us from the very beginning and we thank you for your commitment, support and friendship.   Many of you come each year for your vacation and make YOTB part of your summer fun for one day, week or the whole season.  We love seeing your face as you walk onto the deck and catch up with you.  Equally we are delighted when you come once, try yoga for the first time and then return home to continue with yoga (we love hearing those stories.)  We practice with you and your family, spouses, children, best friends, and neighbors, loving the sense of community that we have built over the years.  Sadly, we say goodbye to some of you forever, and feel your presence in class as the light dances with the shadows.

Deep in my heart is a fullness, a sense of great unification for this amazing journey.  Sharing our practice through our teaching is the gift that continues to inspire both Don and me.  Learning from each of you, from nature and each moment are the blessings that reign down upon us.  Thank you! We look forward to seeing you on the beach soon.






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