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Personal Retreats

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Last week we had the opportunity to offer a personal retreat to a mother/daughter as a Christmas gift from the husband/father.  It was so much fun, and an honor to create the space for their personalized retreat day.  They began their day with a Yoga on the Beach class, and then we offered them tea by the sea, as they relaxed and communed in Ft Zachary State Park.  (Want to read the view from our clients, check out their blog.)

Then it was off to a beautiful garden setting for their massages provided by Ocean Wellness Spa.  In the shade of the palm trees with the waterfall singing the song of relaxation each of them had a personal and healing session with their massage therapist.  They showered off and freshened up and then it was off to the kitchen for a little detox and dine session with Celine Peccatte.

Celine offered a hands-on kitchen session for each of them to learn more about how to explore detoxing for the body, healthy eating and food preparation with the end process being their healthy lunch.  YUM!

Next they sat outside doing a mandala coloring meditation.  Choosing their own mandala they sat in the quiet of the yard, picking their colors and delving into the healing powers of their mandala.  They loved it!

Their day ended receiving a Reiki session with Nancy Curran and Don Bartolone.   Their one hour hands on healing session offered each of the retreatants time to breathe, relax and find a deep sense of inner calm.  They gently drew themselves off the tables grinning, and in deep gratitude.  What was wonderful was how the feeling was across the board as all of the Yoga on the Beach and Ocean Wellness Spa facilitators felt the same way.


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We are Well

Friday, February 4th, 2011

By: Don Bartolone

As a yoga instructor and Thai Yoga practitioner, I am awed by the resilience and well being of the body.  I have observed how some people become focused on what they perceive is wrong with them, which negates the well being that is inherent in their health status.  It is such a privilege to serve as a guide on this journey back to this connection to their health and well being. As I meet each person I see their light and their wholeness.  I believe this gets communicated on some level and thus we begin each session.

When we initiate mindful breathing and body alignment in class or in a private session, I begin to see almost instantly their recognition of their own life force. Moving toward new possibilities for “feeling good,” they expand their awareness of what may seem like some dormant inner strength coming to the surface.  Moving into yoga postures or receiving an adjusting touch to open or lengthen in the body, calls forth this sense of energy that has been minimized with the spot light being on the “problem.”

It’s so rewarding to share this type of awakening whether we’re working within the physical, emotional or mental bodies.  If they are feeling sad about something, they are not really just sad nor are they depressed people.  I love helping them to realize that in most instances, there is also a part of them that is OK, if not great.  It’s the same with the physical body.

I recall the day that a woman in a wheel chair planned to watch our yoga class.  She was rehabbing from a knee injury and responded that otherwise she felt fine.  She opened to my invitation to join the class and after the class she shared that she felt great.   It was a gift to all of us, her willingness to open to the experience, as we witnessed her finding her way through class with a connection to her well being, while honoring her knee’s fragile condition.

I am so grateful for this reminder that we are neither our illness nor pain of the day.  Although we may fluctuate in moments of other sensations, thoughts and emotions this well being is alive and well within each of us.  We are a tremendous reserve of wellbeing.

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Well Being with a Boo Boo

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Last week I had a little accident on my bike.  I give great thanks for my yoga practice, as I slammed down on the pavement with my elbow jamming into my ribcage.  My first response was to find my breath and breathe through the pain, and there was some great pain.  It took a few moments of focus, and intention, to find a full breath but when I did I felt the pain lessen.  With the help of my friend I found my legs, and got back up.

I probably have a crack or broken rib (or two) as any movement in that area continues to be painful 5 days later, but what I am most aware of is the well being that is everywhere else in my body.  I give great thanks for the strength, flexibility and awareness of this body.  I can still move, walk, and yes even bike ride.  And yes I am doing yoga.  Everything is done slowly with awareness and focus on the breath, as I honor what is in pain, and what is still well in me.

From my yoga practice I have learned that I am not my pain, nor my story.  My connection to nature teaches me the essence of flowing and accepting.  This lesson on the asphalt reminds me of the healing and resilient nature of life.  I am celebrating it today as I bike to yoga, slowly, with deep breath and great awareness.

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