True North Nature



Bees can fly 12 miles without getting lost. Albatrosses, 25,000 miles. And flying insects, without eyes, have no trouble whatsoever finding their “soul mates.”


Imagine what I can do for you, when you listen to the voice within. “(TUT-notes from the Universe)




Somewhere deep within each of us is our own internal compass. It is our inner guidance system, that seeks to explore, learn, delve, liberate and connect us to our deepest dreams and purpose to be here, now, alive! At the root of it is our personal True North Nature. It is that place that always knows what is just right for us, why we are here and has no doubts – it simply is there to guide us.


For so many of us we can’t even begin to imagine how life would be to live knowing what it is that we want, let alone think of living without questioning, doubting and/or fearing each decision.   Throughout our life we have been taught the way of the “lost spirit”, in denying who we are by attempting to please others. Life’s challenges have left us feeling DIScouraged, UNsure, or DISconnected.   What would it be like to be encouraged, sure and connected?


Take a moment to think back on a baby’s first year. Fearlessly they delve so deeply into the unknown nature of living in their new body, with all of the new experiences ahead of them. Using wonder, instincts, curiosity, inner motivations they learn to eat, see, touch, taste, move, connect, love and receive, to name just a few monumental things. Their True North Nature is strong and very present for them.

They live a life of encouragement, surety and connection.


Slowly, and sadly, for many in the next few years of life we learn to rely on others more, and lose the connection to our True North Nature. It becomes buried in the “have to”, “supposed to”, “shoulds”, “musts” and relying on approval from the collective community we are surrounded by.




There is this turning point for each of us, when the years of being “lost spirits” and disconnected from our True North Nature reaches a pinnacle. WE WAKE UP! It can be a slow, gradual awakening for some, while others get a “kick in the pants” awakening. Something arises, awakens and rattles the apathetic comfort we have fallen into. Our spirit arises, and there is no shutting it off, burying it or putting it aside. Like a volcano we feel the rumbling of this nature calling to us to feel it, listen to it, and begin to live again connected to it.


Recognizing that there are other ways to live, other choices we can make every day/moment is often the beginning of this transformation. You’ve lived it already, and may still have moments or glimmers of it still, times when you are connected, inspired, resourceful and empowered in your daily life. Then they slip away, you fall asleep again, feel dull, numbed or disempowered. Even as you read an article like this you may be inspired to pursue your connection to True North Nature again. Enticed by the concept, reminded by a niggling feeling or fed up with a lack of feeling connected you are ready to make a shift.


Not sure what to do next? Start by looking around and seeing beyond those who may be doing the “lost spirit” dance with you. Who seems really happy, content and confident in their life? Let them be your mentor/coach by taking in the way they live their life. Again, like a baby would, just watch, embrace and learn. In my next blog I will share some of the tools you can use as you develop a resource library for finding your True North Nature. Stay tuned!

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