Traveling Yoga

travel-language-tipsDon and I are so very grateful on a daily basis, for the opportunities to meet all of the yoga practitioners that visit us both on Cape Cod and Key West.  Because we teach seasonally in both places a great number of our students are likes gypsies, traveling through our area and stopping by for a quick visit.

We meet some amazing people, share our yoga practice on the beach with a diverse level of practitioners and are gifted with a window into the world of Yoga out there.  And of course, we learn from all of you as you bring the world of Yoga to us through your practice, culture and lifestyles.

I often receive emails full of excitement, query and caution prior to the arrival of a traveling yogi or yogini.  They are curious as to how we operate our business, and are mixed with excitement and concern for trying out a new practice, away from their usual teacher/studio/practice.  Their questions often remind me of the gifts we enjoy while we are teaching out on the beach.

Space Limited – Not here

From some of the questions I have been asked, I have gleaned that many of the big cities charge for mats, and with limited space require pre-registration for classes.  I love that we can still offer mats and props for no extra fee (travel light, no extra baggage needed), and with a large beach area we can always pull up some more beach to accommodate students as they arrive.  We love to give you a “de-stress offering” for your vacation so pack lightly and feel free to drop in anytime.  Our philosophy is that there is always room, space and a way to practice with us.

Distractions Welcome

Another great benefit of teaching outdoors is we don’t have to put any pressure on students to arrive on time.  In most studios if someone arrives late, or needs to leave early, it can be a distraction for others.  The sound of the door opening or a mat being laid down can feel so intrusive, and in the effort to create a calm quiet space for practice, there can be pressure to not disturb that environment.

Well welcome to distractions when you take a class outside on the beach!  Our practice is to find the calm, the centered and the stillness inside, because all around us are distractions.  From the sounds of boats, planes and a city nearby to the call of a rooster crowing a few feet away or laughing gulls reminding you to take yourself lightly, each moment on the beach is punctuated with distractions.  That is only what the ears might detect.

Open your eyes and Mother Nature entices you with a whole array of beauty.  The scene of the sea in its sparkling blue, with some days waves crashing while other days a calm sea until a dolphin or ray pierces the surface.  Be still my heart.  Sailboats, seagulls, osprey and pelicans all fill the sky with a sense of floating, soaring and flying.  Then we are reminded to take a breath, connect to the earth under our feet and ground ourselves back into the practice.


Your Arrival is Always On Time

Our doors are always open, literally!  Feel free to come when you can and leave if you have to.  We celebrate when people come to share in our practice, and understand when you may have trouble finding “our studio.”  So if you find yourself running late know that you will be greeted with a smile.  We truly are so very happy to share Yoga on the Beach with you, and certainly don’t want it to be a stressful experience.  So relax, arrive, settle in and join us free of any concerns of what time it is.  The time is NOW, and we take a gentle breath with you joyfully when you join us.

Nature’s Bounty

It is a joy to offer a space for practice that truly is natural in its ability to be spacious, calm, forgiving and free.  Take some time in nature with us to help you unwind from your lifestyle of not enough time, space and even breath. No rules needed, come as you are, when you can and join us for as long as you can.  Namaste

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