Firsts, they happen so often when we are younger, and seemingly dwindle away as we get older.  They delight us, surprise us, and often take us to the edge of awakening a multitude of senses and emotions.   A life affirming sense of awe is inspired in us each time we take that step across the threshold of “firsts.”

Reflect back on some of those “firsts” that you have experienced in your life.  What did it feel like as you approached it?  How did you feel while you did it?  What feelings did you have as you completed it?

When I think of “firsts” I see a child’s face light up, I feel my heart leap, and I hear the sounds of delight, joy and accomplishment.  As a child so many simple things that we do bring us over the threshold of “firsts.”  We are so often in awe, delight, surprise and in the wonderment of discovery.  What I have found as my life has gone from childhood, to teenager, and into my adult years is that we seem to become numb to “firsts”, or maybe we just settle into the comfort of knowing.

Firsts lead us to the edge of knowing into the possibilities of the unknown.  Query and wonder live on that edge, as we pause to reflect on what it will be like to venture further.  Discovery walks hand and hand with “firsts” as does adventure.

As I write this I’ve been inspired by experiencing a “first” for me, when visiting Santa Fe last week, and seeing Aspens in their full autumnal glory!  I was transported back to child like wonder and excitement, as I am sure my daughter would attest to.  Clapping my hands and squealing with delight as we explored the mountainside by car and foot I was joy filled.  The color of the leaves, the way they shimmer in the wind, the magnificents of the white bark, and the sheer numbers of the trees as we climbed to the altitude of their pleasure all seemed illuminated by my excitement.  It was uplifting and so life affirming.

Equally, I remember my first visit to a Burger King.  Yes, this “aquatarian” used to eat whopper juniors with cheese.  I was a senior in high school visiting a friend in Florida when we stopped at Burger King, which had not found its way to New England yet.  That whopper junior tasted out of this world, and never did I have a better one.  This seems to be a common experience with “firsts,” they seem to intensify the experience, heightening the tastes, colors, smells, etc.

When was the last time you recognized that you were experiencing a “first?”  I highly recommend you notice them, as it is so good for the spirit, soul and well being of your life.  Take a moment to walk across the threshold of a “first”, and be awake to how it feels, shapes your perception, and invigorates your awareness.   Leap through the portal of the usual, and explore the adventure of your next “first.”  I’ll see you there.


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4 Responses to “Firsts”

  1. Ellie Grant says:

    Nancy…what a great note. I can see your eyes sparkle and your contagious smile while reading it. I often think back on one of my firsts this summer…..acro yoga.. What an empowering experience that was for me. And I thank you for your guidance and encouragement.. An incredible first. Look forward to seeing you and Don next summer and maybe in March or April.. Ellie

  2. admin says:

    It was a delight to watch you put your wonder woman cape on, and fly fearlessly through the air, space and time! I truly hope that we see you sooner than later!

  3. Jean Kellberg says:

    Ahhhhhh “firsts”..!!!! Aren’t they the best? I remember coming to Key west for the first time. I felt as though I was transported to a place far far away from home, yet at the same time, felt as though I had “come home”. All my life, some of my best memories were about being in Florida. I’d been all over Florida , but never as far south as MM0.
    The people, the smells, the culture , sense if community , the gorgeous waters, sunrises and sunsets here are unique all in themselves.
    I became hooked for life. Key West became my drug of choice so to speak! I come back each year in September and stay until March or April.
    Each day here I feel fortunate to experience a first in one way or another. If a day goes by and I don’t feel as though I’ve experienced a “first” then all I have to do is go to Mallory Square and watch the sunset again. Each one if them is a first as I’ve yet to find two that have been the same.
    “Firsts” can be something you see each and every day. It is how you truly look at it that makes it different

  4. admin says:

    I feel the same way about sunrises! We’ll see you soon for a “first”. Hugs, Nancy