Unplugged 2012

Well I did it!  For 24 hours I was unplugged from the internet, email, cell phone and TV, and what I discovered was delicious.

Gretchen Mills from Key West Yoga Sanctuary and I joined in on the National Day of Unplugging to create a wonderful event for Key West.  We kicked off the event on Friday evening with a Music Jam/Potluck.  What sweetness to hang with friends, families (lots of little ones playing on the beach) sing, and eat wonderfully nourishing food while the sunset! Thank you Lazy Dog for bringing paddle boards over for us to play on.  And then we did it, we turned it all off!

The rest of the evening was reading, relaxing and a great nights sleep.  I was aware of how my shoulders unwound during the night and it felt divine.

Saturday was a day for being in nature, spending time with loved ones, eating nourishing food, doing Yoga and Meditation, creating art and music, or just being!  We offered events around town to encourage all of that including a wonderful children’s art project with Jenni Franke at Key West Wildlife Center, pottery painting at Honest Works Island Pottery, and a picnic at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park (box lunch provided by Help Yourself!).

I kicked off my morning with yoga, by teaching class at Ft Zach.  Then it was time to chillax at the beach.  I brought a picnic breakfast, books to read, a comfy beach chair to enjoy.  It was such a treat to just be at the beach with friends, and loved ones watching the day wander by.  It was the annual around the island sailing race, so I was there to cheer on my friends as they came around the point pushing against the current.  Rah! For lunch Don brought us a nutritious box lunch from Help Yourself! We lingered, we chatted, we played with babies, and laughed a lot.

By 3 pm it was time to leave the beach and head over to the Key West Yoga Sanctuary for Raji’s class JourneyDance .  What a treat to experience her offering, spirit and space to dance with others and be expressive with music.  We rocked it, bounced it, partnered, expressed, connected and liberated IT!  Wahoo!

The feeling of elation took me to Higg’s Beach where a few of us met to give thanks for the day.  As the sunset on my 24 hours I reflected on the freedom this time of unplugging connected me to, and the knowing I can do this at anytime I so declare.  I declare it now that we shall do it again for our second annual day next March, and whenever the inspiration initiates between now and then.  “See” you then!

Thank you!

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